Crayola AANHPI Coloring Pages

Crayola AANHPI Coloring Pages

I was commissioned by the kind folks at Crayola to create a couple coloring pages in celebration of AANHPI Heritage Month. I was excited to create 2 different designs. AANHPI (Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander) page that celebrates the diverse cultures of Asia and a Lucky Cat page that features a popular figure typically seen throughout Asia and Asian American homes and businesses. 
AANHPI page celebrating the many cultures of Asia including spices, tropical flowers and artforms like origami and activities like kite flying. I also wanted to include fortune cookies because it is quintessentially Asian American being invented in America shows the fusion of 2 cultures here!

You can download this page for FREE here: Free AANHPI Coloring Page

Lucky Cat page is one of my favorites showing good luck or good fortune!

You can download this page for FREE here: Free Lucky Cat Coloring Page

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