36 Days of Type 2022

36 Days of Type is an annual type challenge where artists and designers are tasked with creating and posting 1 letter of the alphabet each day from A-Z, 0-9. This year I made it to 27 days of type and have included my work here.
This year’s theme: Movies and TV! Take a look at the letters from this year and a little background behind why I love each letter!

A is for Améle

I discovered Amélie through its music (by Yann Tiersen). I had stumbled across a short film on YouTube that featured one of the pieces from the movie and had to know where it came from! I finally watched it and found it so charming and witty! The film centers around a young woman who likes to help and meddle with the people around her. Along the way she finds love and adventure. The whole film is in French, but such sweet storytelling and worth the watch.

B is for Breaking Bad

I also considered doing El Camino, but B seemed more appropriate for the show. I didn’t use a lot of the iconic green that was used in the show’s logo, but rather wanted to lean into the blue meth and the cooking aspect portrayed in the show. Also adding some red for a darker touch along with a little homage to the fly episode if you look closely. ;)

C is for Crazy Rich Asians

As an Asian American myself, this movie was…magic. ✨ I had never been to Singapore, but loved seeing the fancier side of the Chinese elite. Loved this story and the writing felt more realistic and human to what I know relationships can be without all the 1990s chick flick drama. It felt real and relatable, with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. 10/10 would recommend. Oh and the end sequence alone! The design is *chef’s kiss, so good.

D is for Dune

I read the book before we saw the newest revamp of the Dune saga and found it well worth the read and eventual watch. Although as much of a fan I am of good movies and respect the effort and production, I am ashamed to admit that we didn’t go the extra mile to see it in IMAX. From our smaller, less impressive TV screen at home, I still found the cinematography mesmerizing and beautiful. Hans Zimmer’s (who turned down Chris Nolan’s Tennet, to work on Dune) score was haunting and Timothée Chalamet was a swoon worthy Paul Atreides. I was happy to see it got funded for a Part 2 since this movie is only the first half of the first book. The story was told, in my opinion, well and respectful to Frank Herbert’s original novel. A homage to the new movie and an old story.

E is for Encanto

There is something truly magical about this movie from Germaine Franco’s score, Lin Manuel Miranda’s songs, to the beautiful fluid character design and animation, there’s something for everyone to love about this movie. The heart of this story is really about family and loving yourself for who you are. I absolutely loved all of the personalities and insecurities each family member shows in the movie, let alone a good bop to dig deeper into each family member’s world. I’m working on an enneagram post series of what I think each family member’s enneagram is, so stay posted! (no pun intended) 😂

F is for Finding Nemo

More importantly, can YOU find Nemo? 😉

G is for Gotham

Trying to incorporate the “G” was tricky, but I found a way to get it to work. 😅 The TV show Gotham on Fox is super intriguing chronicling the early days of a young detective James Gordon and an even younger Bruce Wayne. It’s a nice refresh on an origin story and the TV show structure allows for more exploration on origin stories of other villains and allies (like Selina Kyle as Cat Woman). Worth a watch if you’re into that Superhero origin kind of thing.

H is for Harry Potter

Specifically Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
J.K. Rowling’s classic! I recently re-listened to all of the books on audio and really enjoyed the calming British narration. Highly recommend. We re-watch all 8 of the movies during Christmas time. A true Potterhead tradition.

I is for Inception

Some amazing collaborative work by Chris Nolan and Hans Zimmer. This movie gives me chills and messes with my head all at the same time. My hope is to continue seeing many more collabs with these to and to continue telling mind-bending stories like this one.

J is for Jumanji

Specifically Robin Williams 1995 version
This 1995 version with a young Kirsten Dunst (pre Power of the Dog) and Robin Williams at his best. There was something really enchanting about Chris Van Allsburg’s original book that brought paper to life. The ‘95 movie then took this story to new heights and adventure by bringing it to the big screen, and for my childhood, into our living room. I am very overdue to see the new Jack Black & The Rock version, but I’m sure it has some modern twists. What was intriguing about the ‘95 movie was the trauma and loneliness the movie explored and how a game could bring people, even strangers from the past, together. 💛🐒🐘🌸

K is for Kiki's Delivery Service

I am a huge Hayo Miyazaki fan solely from this movie. I have since familiarized myself with many of his other works and love revisiting the animations and music. A coming of age movie about a 13 year old witch going off on her own to find her own way is very appealing to many children and feels very real to some adults who might be starting a new chapter in their lives. I identify with Kiki’s entrepreneurial spirit and determination. She is kind and works hard to serve her community, but also struggles to find her place in a new city and among a non-magical community and overly-friendly boys. A heartwarming tale with gorgeous animation and voices (Kiki is voiced by Kirsten Dunst - from Jumanji lol) with a classic score by Joe Hisaishi will forever be in my heart. 💜

L is for Little Women

The Greta Gerwig version of Little Women is a modernized take on the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott. I loved Saoirse Ronan’s version of Joe March and honestly the entire cast’s performance is amazing. I could gush more about Timothée Chalamet’s emotional performance and Emma Watson’s sensitive wisdom, but I won’t. A great movie for the family, I highly recommend this one, but previous renditions (ex. Winona Ryder 1994 version) are also great.

M is for Moonrise Kingdom

This was my first introduction to Wes Anderson, which I then went on to familiarize myself with his earlier works like the Rushmore and The Life Aquatic. I also love that Jessica Hische designed the title cards & typeface for this movie.

N is for National Treasure

This film is arguably underrated, with the action, the score, the national mysteries. 🤨 Also, is it considered a very “Nicolas Cage-y” movie? I’ll let the internet decide on that one.

O is for Ozark

We are in the final season of Ozark and sh*t is getting reallll! No spoilers here, but excited to see the second part of season 2 to be mind-blowing! 🤯 (possibly literally)

P is for Parasite

Such a good movie for so many reasons and so many levels (slight double meaning)! Bo Jung Ho really shows his mastery of storytelling in this movie. I’m possibly in the minority where I actually use subtitles even in English movies, 😅 sooo this didn’t bother me personally that the whole movie is in Korean. 🤷🏻‍♀️ If you’re looking for a good story paired with some hard core plot twists, this movie is for YOU! 👻🙀

Q is for Queen's Gambit

This very popular Netflix show is oh so good. Anya Taylor-Joy is magnetic in this coming of age mini series of a prodigy chess player who struggles with addiction and fame. Add to your watchlist pronto if you haven’t already, it’s worth it.

R is for Ratatouille

For anyone who loves food, France, and furry creatures, Disney Pixar’s Ratatouille is a classic. I really wanted to play with negative space and create a practical scene from the movie without it being too forced.

S is for Spiderman

Specifically Spiderman: No Way Home
If you know, you know. 😉 For any fan who’s seen all the live action Spiderman’s or is casually familiar with the 3 iterations of Spiderman, you will appreciate this movie. Not to start anything, but Tom Holland’s Spidey is my live favorite. Miles Morales Spidey is pretty cool though too. 🕸

T is for Turning Red

For an awkward Chinese American girl in the 90s/ early 2000s (in the US, not Canada), this movie made me feel so SEEN! It’s a unique tale that showcases friendship, family, and coming of age. I also found that it tries to address family/life balance and generational trauma. There’s a lot to love about this movie and it doesn’t hurt to see it with your mom or some close friends so you can cry about it together.

U is for Up

Probably one of my (and many people’s) favorite Disney Pixar movies, Up is a sweat tale about starting over. The first 10 minutes of the movie has you 😭 in a puddle of tears, but at the end you are wiping your face with a damp happy face of hope. I love the thought that you can unconventional friendships and can always seek adventure with.

V for Vendetta

See what I did there? 😏 This movie makes me wonder if Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) was inspired by the vigilante mask in this movie.

W is for Westworld

The title sequence alone deserves praise for this sci-fi dystopian series on HBO. A haunting intro to a dark concept, there was an amusement park where it’s wealthy visitors can play out their wildest fantasies with no consequences because the people in the park are androids. The original 1973 movie was a great basis for this new iteration to build off of. I think the new special effects also add to the creepiness and truth that we could be closer to this reality than we think.

Distinctive and Bold

Any X-Men with Hugh Jackman

I think I enjoyed the 2000 “X-Men” series, but “Logan” was a good loner-action story. But who also doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in X-Men First class? Hugh Jackman really embodies Wolverine and it’s a great series. I was sort of running out of ideas here, so to my surprise this got way more engagement than I thought this one would!

Y is for Yellow Submarine

A fun trippy little animated movie starring The Beatles! I might have been way to young because the Blue meanies (large hand and finger shaped blobs) really scared me as a kid 😂

Z is for Zathura

There are not many movies that start with “Z.” Zorro, Zombieland, and Zoolander were on my list, but I don’t really like zombies sooo…space drawing it was! 😂 In my opinion, I think this movie could have been done better. The story was predictable action movie, but no criticism to the acting. Josh Hutcherson was a great child actor, but a bit hyped without the heartwarming premise that 1995 Jumanji had. I’m totally biased, no one listen to me. 🤣

& is for And then there were None

An appropriate title for my last letter of the series. Typically it goes from 0-9, but I decided to end here to have a 27 letters, since 27 posts create a clean grid on IG lol. I’ve seen the 1945 movie about 10 strangers who go to a remote island and start getting killed off one by one. I saw there was a new BBC series of this that might be fun to check out. For the art, I wanted to give a nod to both classic film roll and the scenes in the movie of the characters getting killed off. Blood oozing from the film at the bottom.

A cinematic collection

At the end I collected it into a print! Thanks for checking out this project, it was a lot of fun!

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