First Summer Pop-Up In Austin!

First Summer Pop-Up In Austin

 Here's my first summer pop up in Austin! We left Dallas, and started our day at Sa-Tén with some yummy chicken katsu toast. 🍞 It was already pretty hot by the time I set up, and I was honestly pretty dehydrated by the end of the day. There were a lot of really cool vendors and mystery boxes for visitors.

Despite the heat, the Paper + Craft pantry did a great job keeping us hydrated. They would bring by cold sodas, popsicles and even had a Bubble Tea bar inside. I have been in a purple phase, so I made myself a yummy Taro Bubble tea. How cute!! With all of these amazing amenities, time really flew by.
We had brought a cooler and a Ryobi wireless fan, I got this one at Home Depot here. You could also get the spray fan, which my booth neighbor had and it felt amazing, but it's more to pack. Another thought was to bring frozen washcloths for your neck! The fan honestly did a great job for a while until it died on me with one hour left in the market. 🥵 I was really excited to use it because it was battery powered and I had charged it like a week in advance. However, the instructions did say it only would last for four to five hours, but I had it going since we started setting up, so that wasn't near enough time and that's really on me. 😅 I could have bought an extra battery, but the best thing would have been to bring a backup fan. I thankfully had a very kind booth neighbor who offered me her handheld fan.

I had the chance to stop by Roommate Collective next door, which was amazing, and Clover and Maven (around the corner of P+CP), which has beautiful curated goods. My Austin friend also showed us Hot Pot for the first time, even though we literally were trying to avoid the heat the whole day. 😅 Overall, the market was really fun, and I got to catch up with a lot of great friends. I'm so thankful for my Austin community for showing up despite this god-awful Texas heat! 🔥🥵

I can't wait for my next pop up in Austin and I'll definitely be taking the learnings I had from today into my next summer market!
Thankfully my next 2 markets will be INDOORS! You can check out all of my upcoming events here!
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