Career Announcement!


It’s official! 🎉 I’ve gone full-time artist!


In 2019, I landed my dream job as a packaging designer at H-E-B (a beloved grocery retailer in Texas). It was amazing, and I worked with an incredible team. ❤️

🦠 Then covid hit. 🦠

I had the fortune of keeping my job. However, I came out of the pandemic BURNT OUT🔥

I was afraid to jump ship, but I knew I needed to make a change…🤔

I remembered a quote: “Something always comes from doing something. But nothing comes from doing nothing.” 🏃🏻

So In 2022, I took a year-long (unpaid) sabbatical, to reconnect with my art.

In a year I was able to: 👩🏻‍💻 Start a business

🖼️ Did 6 markets and made profit 🎨 Complete 3 art challenges

📦 Moved cities from San Antonio → Dallas

✈️ Traveled to 8 different cities

🤔 By the end of my sabbatical I had a decision to make: go back to my day job (security, work I know) or take a leap and keep doing what I’ve BEEN doing this past year (learning new things, building a brand, creative freedom). It was SCARY, but also felt natural.


I remembered this quote by Ron Swanson: “Never Half-Ass two things, WHOLE ASS one thing” I realized that I no longer wanted to put my dreams second. (Plus, my position had been filled while I was on sabbatical 😅)

So it was official! I’m WHOLE ASS-ING this! I am now a full-time artist + small business owner! 🙌🏻

The rest of 2023 I plan to do: 👩🏻‍🌾 More Markets!

🏁 Finish my 100 Day Project (by end of 2023🙏🏻)

📖 Learn about wholesale & licensing

Thank you for following me on my art journey, I’m excited to share this with y’all! Like, comment, share, or save this post if this inspired you! ☺️

DISCLAIMER: I acknowledge I am incredibly privileged to be able to take time off a full-time job, and this path might not be for everyone. But I hope my story inspires others to bet on themselves. Life is short – pursue what you love.💛


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